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Social Media by Rabia Eiman

Social media refers to many websites and applications that help people connect, share information, and communicate worldwide. Many websites and apps allow people to interact by sharing information, images, videos, messages, and other forms of media.

Websites on social media:

Many social media websites help people in every aspect of life. For example, WhatsApp is an app that helps people connect, share information, and communicate. There are many other popular websites, and their usage is growing increasingly, like YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

Side effects of social media on society:

Social media has a profound impact on society, which can be positive or negative. Some of the positive effects of social media are explained below.

Positive Impact:

We can start with the most popular or say the beginning of social media was the start of communication, explained below.


Communication is a key to human life. In the past, people who lived in different countries could not communicate with each other due to the lack of telephones. The telephone was invented long ago, but it wasn't easy to access them. Now, social media has made it easy for us to communicate worldwide. Not only can you call someone from across the world, but you can also see what they are doing in their daily life. You can upload pictures and videos on social media.

Business opportunities:

Similarly, social media is an ample opportunity for starting a business. You can start a brand and make it popular through social media. You can advertise it by uploading pictures, giving information, or explaining your product's speciality. Also, you can apply for a job through online websites. You do not have to go to the company to use it. You can also do online work. You can work from home or any place and continue your job.

Amplifying voices:

Social media has made it easy to speak up for yourself. You can get information or watch news from your home about worldwide events. It has made it easy for people to get justice and speak up for themselves. If they are getting in trouble or facing harassment, social media works in favour of them.

Negative impact:

Everything has a positive and negative side. Social media has a lot of positive impacts on our lives, but it also comes with some damaging impacts. Some are explained below.

Privacy concern:

We discussed the benefits and opportunities social media gave us in business. It also comes with a threat. It can be a threat to our privacy. We share our personal information on websites we do not know are safe or threat-free. Also, if we are doing online shopping, we must give our card details, which can be hacked by anyone. So, we must be very cautious with the safety of our privacy and always try to use these websites with proper security and safety.

Misinformation and false news:

It is a significant source that updates us on what is happening worldwide. Still, we must know the difference between fake and authentic, as news channels spread misconceptions about a few topics. It can be a celebrity, politician, country, or any place or famous name, which can increase their channel ratings. It is difficult to differentiate between wrong and right in the current era, but we should not believe everything we see online.

Unrealistic expectations:

Even though you can share pictures and videos and post about your life on social media, it has set expectations of teenagers and adult people extremely high. They would compare themselves with influences and try to achieve the same lifestyle they are inspired by. People are faking everything on social media and making expectations of people extremely high. So, it is our reminder not to get inspired by things we see online.


Impacts of Social Media on Health

If we talk about social media's impact on our health, we can get the idea that it has a negative effect on our health. Still, it can also benefit us regarding healthcare information and methods to prevent life and get information from healthcare professionals.

Positive impact of social media on health:

As we discussed in the above paragraph, social media help us with advice and information we want related to health. Although it does not explain social media's positive impact on health, it demonstrates its benefits in medical conditions or any information related to a person’s health. So, we are explained below.



Information accessibility:

Social media has helped us in a lot of aspects of life. Similarly, it is a beneficial way to access any information you want related to your health. If you have some disease, you can explain your symptoms and get an idea of what kind of disease you will deal with. Social media has made it easy for us to find anything and everything without struggle.

Engagement and interaction:

It has made interacting and engaging with people in your profession easy. You can learn more from social media. If you are in an emergency and cannot make it on time, the emergency service will also take time so you can contact your doctor and be guided on basic things you must do before you make it on time. You can ask questions and interact with professionalism.

Health awareness campaigns:

Many health awareness campaigns on social media help people become aware of fundamental health problems and get them interested in gaining knowledge on diseases. However, it can be difficult as, in some areas, there is still not much use of social media. So, it can be challenging for them, but it is a beautiful way to prevent people from being uneducated about basic medical problems.

The negative impact of social media on Health:

We discussed how social media benefits us in terms of health-related information and problems; it is also becoming a number one issue because of our health issues. A few are explained below.

Addiction and screen time:

Nowadays, social media is becoming an addiction for teenagers and young adults. They are addicted to social media and a lot of screen time. They spend their entire day on phones, which makes them so antisocial and have an addictive personality. This is the leading cause of their health issues.

Mental health issues:

The leading cause of mental illness in the young generation is social media. They are suffering from depression, anxiety and antisocial. It has ruined the current generation completely. They compare their lives to social media lives and lose their confidence. It is the leading cause of self-consciousness, which is the start of mental illness.


Many crimes happening on social media affects young people's lives. Crime, such as cyberbullying, harassment, and threats on social media, have resulted in many suicides and mental illness. If it keeps going, it will destroy the young generation.

We must be careful and responsible for our social media usage to control these. We must be specific and thorough with our choices, which will not be regretted for us soon.


As you know, social media has positive and negative effects on health and society. On the one hand, social media helps us connect, provides us with great business opportunities, and allows people to speak up against crimes, but it can be harmful if we do not use it. It negatively impacts our health and causes many issues. It destroyed the youth and their health.

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