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My Journey In The Field of Law by Mohamed Mustafa Dafaalla

Since childhood, my dream has been to study law and become a lawyer. Inspired by a passion for justice, I envisioned advocating for others in the legal profession.

I began my journey with a strong academic foundation, earning a law degree. Immediately after graduating from university, I worked as a trainee lawyer for a year in one of the law firms in my home country. I obtained a license and became a member of the Sudanese Bar Association.

I honed my research and analytical skills in this role, delving into case law, statutes, and legal precedents to build robust arguments. I assisted in preparing legal documents, such as briefs and contracts, ensuring precision and compliance with the law and collaborating with senior solicitors; I gained valuable insights into effective negotiation strategies and client advocacy.

As I progressed in my career, I moved to work in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where I worked for several Saudi law firms as a legal advisor for (10) years. And I took more substantial responsibility, eventually handling my own caseload.

This required me to engage in client consultations, providing legal advice tailored to their specific situations. I developed a reputation for my attention to detail and ability to articulate complex legal concepts comprehensibly.

In my last position as a senior legal advisor, I had the privilege of specialising in the field of corporate law and becoming Head of the Corporate Department, further refining my expertise whether participating in negotiations or offering counsel during transactions, I consistently prioritise ethical practices and uphold the highest standards of professionalism.

My journey as a lawyer has been defined by continuous learning and growth. Eager to expand my knowledge further, I aspire to pursue graduate studies at a distinguished British university. I aim to emerge as a resourceful and adaptable legal poised to tackle the evolving challenges within the dynamic field of law, ensuring a future marked by continued excellence and contribution.

Author: Mohamed Mustafa Dafaalla (ESOL Entry 3 Student)

© All rights for this publication are reserved with Keystone Academic Consultants Ltd.Copy or use of the content of this article is not allowed without prior permission.

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