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My Job Experiences by Sajjad Behzadi

Your past job experiences can benefit the next job position you want to do in the future, as long as you use those experiences properly in your next job adventure.

Many years ago, I started working for a company specialising in selling and repairing power tools called Tehrani, located in my hometown, Shiraz, in Iran. That was my first job. I did it when I was 20. Obviously, I was very excited because, at that time, I wanted to do technical work. Initially, I was working in the repair department to serve customers.

That company was one of the biggest and most professional companies working in the sale and repair of power tools in Shiraz at that time, and we had a lot of customers from other cities. All power tools were so expensive, and there were few brands of power tools now.

Because of this, people had to repair and fix their power tools, and it was a massive experience for me to deal with different people. My interest in this job grew gradually because, as I said, I had to deal with many customers daily; also, I had a nice young manager and some great colleagues, some of whom are still my friends.

After successful experiences in the repair department, I could move to the sales department on my manager's advice. Working in the sales department was different from working in the repair department because I needed to develop my personality, body language, speech clarity, public speaking, and expression to deal with other sales managers from other companies.

I worked with that company for 12 years. After that, I started my own business, but unfortunately, because of Iran's dire economic conditions, I had to close my shop after two years. I always like to challenge myself in different situations, and, as I mentioned at the beginning of this article, I'll use my past experiences as a guide to achieve my goals in the future.

Author: Sajjad Behzadi (ESOL Entry 3 Student)

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Thank you for sharing your work experiencs. Hope you success in the future!

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