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My Job Experience by Cedrique Nde Kengne

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

When we are still studying and about to get our qualification or degree, we are so excited about the idea of taking the next step in our lives and the first step in our career pathway. The new experience can vary for each of us depending on how we prepare and face it. That is why I have decided to share my work experience with you, so based on mine, some of you reading this could get something helpful from it and use it to prepare for your first experience. Before I start, it is important to remind you that study and work environments are very different; in one, you have the obligation of results, and in another, you do not.

After I had graduated with my bachelor's degree, I started working for a small company based in Morocco, specialising in goods transportation between Morocco and the rest of the world. I spent just a few months in this company after I quit. I was so excited when I got this job that I was so impatient to start. I can even feel the feeling I had the week before my starting day again like it had happened just yesterday.

The week I started, all the staff was so welcoming. Everyone was about to give me one or two pieces of advice on succeeding in my role and being productive. It was incredible for me to be a new member of this welcoming and warming team. All was going well during my first two months until I started receiving more and more pressure and responsibilities from our boss because of the lack of staff due to the crisis our sector was going through.

So, I decided to set more goals to show my colleagues and our boss that it was not by mistake if I was among them but by merit and that I could handle all these responsibilities. That is where I made a huge mistake because doing this added a lot of pressure on myself. And we all know that you can be productive if you have or feel pressure.

Since that day, my productivity started going down. I was not motivated any more. I was struggling to complete my tasks, even the easiest ones. I was always nervous and stressed when entering the office. I even went through depression because of the stress I was dealing with at work, and I had no one to talk to. So, I finally resigned after just six months of work in that company.

All these happened because I did not know how to deal with many responsibilities and pressure and, also, because I was not very prepared for this new chapter of my life.

After that bad experience, I had to work for two other companies before moving to the UK. The experiences in those companies were different as they were quite extensive and more organised than the last one. Also, I think it was because I was more aware of what to face there, so I had prepared myself to deal with any stress and responsibilities.

From my experiences and based on those of others, what I can add before the ending is that, as long as the work experience depends on such factors as a role, the size of a company, or the environment of work, we always have to keep in mind that it is essential to be well prepared before starting a new job role in a company. This applied even to the seniors’ functions. 

Author: Cedrique Nde Kengne (ESOL Level 1 Student)

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Thank you for sharing your work experiences. It makes me more confident for the future job!


Mohammad Alshanbour
Mohammad Alshanbour




Good luck for new beginnings in the UK...

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