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Is Running Your Own Business a Job? By Susan Tatari

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

As widely recognised today, fashion has become a global phenomenon without boundaries, as it greatly influences and shapes the economics of various countries. In 2016, I achieved my bachelor’s degree in computer science software engineering in Afghanistan. It was fascinating and persuaded me to perform better for about four years. My initial work experience began in 2012 while I was a student at a university in Afghanistan. I got my first employment opportunity in clothing manufacturing. The company where I worked served as an extension of a multi-national, USA-based company. One day, as was my routine during my free time, I sketched my imaginative design concepts on paper. Luckily, our store manager saw my sketches and promptly introduced me to the company's owner. By the following month, I was promoted and, acknowledging my skills, was rewarded with recognition certificates for my communication and development skills in workplace environments. Despite consistently delivering successful clothing designs and generating high profits for the company in three years of employment, my earnings were kept low. As an experienced individual, this realisation prompted me to pursue the possibility of starting my own business. After obtaining my bachelor's degree, I resigned from the company where I had been employed for approximately three years. I started to establish my own business from Zero. I developed my own software engineering database and subsequently built my website to promote my clothing designs. Commencing 2016, I dedicated considerable thought to investments and various expenses. It proved to be a difficult and stressful endeavour, but my previous experience helped me cope.

At the beginning of my business journey, my parents and I faced significant challenges and struggled to earn. However, we achieved substantial physical and virtual progress after approximately fifteen months. After a year and a half, my business and website caught the attention required, leading to increased interest from investors and sponsoring companies. I am grateful that my company continues to thrive with abundant career opportunities. Based on my experience, I can confidently assert that there can be no gains without hard work, commitment to your goal, a focused approach, teamwork and taking risks. Job is a commitment with fewer risks and limited gains, but business demands time and attention, and it is risky. However, when your hard work pays off, that satisfaction is priceless.

Author: Susan Tatari ( ESOL Level 1A Class Representative)

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